Cross-linked and linear
HA Dermal Fillers and Skinboosters




Standard skinboosters are simply non-cross linked HA, which hydrates the skin with short action time. Our dynamic 2nd generation skinbooster is a real pioneer in bringing the concept of skinboosters to the next level. The secret is a big touch of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for the long-lasting result combined with linear hyaluronic acid for the immediate effect to increase the moisturizing factor even further.


Enhanced to a
New Level

Our pioneer 2nd generation skinbooster combines cross-linked HA and linear HA for super moisturized skin in the long run.

Recommended areas: the entire face.

The result: a hydrated, radiant-looking and even-textured complexion, that lasts longer with increased effectiveness.

Other characteristics: low viscosity with the dynamic material.

Extra characteristic: excellent for décolleté and neck rejuvenation as well.


Boost Even

Double dose of our unique 2nd generation skinbooster for an immediate and long-lasting result.

Recommended areas: the entire face.

The result: a hydrated, radiant-looking and even-textured complexion, that lasts longer with increased effectiveness and a double dose.

Other characteristics: low viscosity in a syringe of 2 ml.

Extra characteristic: excellent for décolleté and neck rejuvenation as well

Dual-Link Technology


Dual-Link Technology

The Dual-Link Technology combines the advantages of both linear HA and cross-linked HA in one unique line of products. The special formulation provides an immediate hydration effect, thanks to the linear HA, as well as a long-lasting result due to the cross-linking HA, ensuring patient satisfaction even further.

It can be easily shaped for superfi cial treatments (My Filler Glips) and easier to inject for deep treatments (My Filler Max) as well.


Glowing Lips

My Filler Glips is dedicated and exclusively created for lip treatments. Enhance lips with hydration, added volume and re-contouring feature.

Recommended injection area: lips.

The result: immediate, long-lasting, shining lips with natural-looking.

Other characteristics: medium viscosity and dynamic formulation.


Unique Solution
Maximized volume

My Filler Max gives maximum volume with the immediate shining of the skin. With its high HA concentration can be an excellent choice for deep-volume correction.

Recommended injection area: cheeks, chin, jaw, nose and midface area.

For men: a more masculine appearance can be achieved with a strong and well-defi ned jawline, shape and volume.

For women: can be good for a strong volume correction with immediat shining effect.

Other characteristics: high viscosity with excellent formability.



Trio Technology

Three dermal fillers are based on TRIO Technology.

Soft, Medium and Strong formulas contain specific concentrations of hyaluronic acid combined with diff erent crosslinking rates in a special manufacturing environment. As a result, three fi llers with largely diff erent properties are obtained allowing a wide range of usability.


Fine Lines
General Hydration

My Filler Soft is recommended for situations where the area to be treated requires the elimination of fi ne wrinkles with a slight increase of volume and super hydration. Excellent choice of prevention and for delaying the formation of wrinkles, and for a hydrated healthier appearance.

Recommended areas: Periorbital (tear troughs), perioral and lips.

Other characteristics: low viscosity and superficial injection possibilities enable to enhance the results of various treatments with its long-lasting moisturizing effect.


Moderate Volume
Energetic Hydration

Thanks to its universal application properties, My Filler Medium has become one of the most popular products from the My Filler product portfolio. It can be used perfectly if our goal is to achieve medium volume and energetic hydration in the treated area.

Recommended areas: nasolabial wrinkles, mentolabial (marionette wrinkles), glabella and lip volume increase.

Other characteristics: the viscosity of the material is suitable for volume correction and for re-shaping as well.



My Filler Strong’s high HA concentration makes it outstanding in the world of hyaluronic acid fillers.
Recommended especially for contouring and high-volume corrections.

Recommended areas: Cheek, chin, jawline, nose and midface.

Other characteristics: high viscosity as well as excellent formability properties. After injection the material remains stable in the area avoiding any sort of unexpected migration.

Extra characteristic: can be well combined with My Filler Medium or even My Filler Max with the well-known ’sandwich technique’ for a multilayered approach that comprehensively treats the volume loss.



  • 1 sterile prefilled syringe with 1 ml
  • 2 needles 27G 1/2”, 2 product labels
  • 1 multilanguage instruction leaflet
  • 1 Beauty Passport