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Facial Fillers

My Filler is a special line of dermal fillers based on monophasic cross-linked and non-cross linked hyaluronic acid. A range with 7 different products, 2 different technologies (TRIO and Dual Link), all CE certified by an international reputable Notify Body from Italy, used to create and restore all desired aesthetic facial outcomes. My Filler is an award winner for 2 consecutive years proving the excellence of its range.

  • Two different technologies: Dual-Link and TRIO.
  • Unique and innovative solutions with 7 different formulations.
  • EU certification by an Italian Notified Body.
  • Several MOH International registrations.
  • Ergonomically designed finger grip and comfortable plunger.
  • Beauty Pass inside for your patients’ convenience.
  • Maximum quality, safety and efficacy in the clinical practice.
  • Designed to enhance natural beauty.
  • Perfect balance between elasticity and viscosity.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is found in many tissues of the body, such as epidermis, derma and cartilage. It is an important component of…

About us

My Med is a manufacturer of professional aesthetic dermal fillers and mesotherapy serums, certified by ICIM on ISO 9.001 and ISO 13.485. My Med growing network achieved a presence in 42 different countries with over 50 partner distributor companies.

My Med success is directly connected with the top quality products offered and the highly qualified international team.


The best product of the year 2019


Best Aesthetic Dermal Filler 2020

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

Most innovative Mesotherapy Beauty Product 2020

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards


My Med Aesthetics has created the Beauty Journey that you can join at any
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beauty of your skin, which will unequivocally lead you to reconnect to yourself
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